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SB Woodworking, Inc. began the adventure in October 1991 when Larry's sister, who was out of work, came up with an idea of making and selling gazebo bird-feeders. He had some woodworking equipment and a garage, and she had the time. They designed a feeder, made a prototype, took it around town to stores and sold two that first day. Larry's wife and two sons soon got involved as did his sister's son.  In no time, they were hooked up with two chain stores and demand started building. They moved out of his garage into a commercial building and expanded the line of bird-feeders.  They were selling them nationwide and in Canada.  By 2000, his sister, her son and his oldest son found different work that paid more and moved on.  His youngest son and one employee now make up the workforce.  In 2000, they moved again to a larger facility and started selling retail and expanded the work scope.  They started building cabinets, both new and refacing old cabinets. This evolved into vanities for bathrooms, entertainment centers, bookcases, dressers, outdoor furniture, fireplace surrounds, repairing and refinishing furniture,  anything that has to do with woodworking of the non-structure nature. In 2002, they also started selling and installing Wilson Art and Formica laminate counter tops and selling hardwoods for other woodworkers and DIY projects.  In 2009 Larry retired and sold the business to Stew who retained the employees and has kept the business practices of Larry, providing a quality product at a competitive price.  In January 2010 SB Woodworking moved into a larger building to house the business.  It is located at 501 E. Harry,  on the Southeast coner of Emporia and Harry.  Please come by and visit with us about your next project.


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